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Hello Bully Benefit Prints now available

Pit bull rescue is something near and dear to my heart. Between me and my wife, we’ve rescued well over a dozen stray and abandoned cats and dogs from the East Austin neighborhoods where we’ve lived over the years.

On one occasion, we found a Pit Bull/ Lab mix wandering a warehouse complex North of San Antonio. We took him in, and tried to find his owner, to no avail. So, we got his shots up to date, and eventually decided to keep him in our small house…with no yard. That was a big mistake. This VERY energetic and affectionate dog was just too much for our meager living space, and our very, very put-out cats. BUT- certainly we could find a home for Magneto, right?


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Print for Black Cat Bones Gallery’s Superhero show-

Detail from- "Batalla en la Esquina de Ditko y Kirby"

Black Cat Bones Gallery in Puebla, Mexico has asked me back to be a part of their Superhero art show.  I had previously created the sold-out  ‘En Los Arboles’ print for their Twin Peaks tribute.

If anyone knows me, they know I love me some super-heroes.  So when the opportunity came up for me to participate, I took the hidden pole down to my secret lair  and banged this out  (now, that just sounds dirty).

Biff, Bam, Pow- Superheroes Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore!


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He-Man prints at Gallery1988

At Gallery 1988 right now, they have 4 new prints by me up in their “Under the Influence: He-Man” art show.  Any unsold prints will be available from me directly in my Store through Nakatomi Inc! 

Who doesn’t love He-Man.  I sure do.  Well, to be clear- I love the IDEA of He-Man…the show was PRETTY ROUGH.  But as far as the toys and character designs were, He-Man had it all.  How awesome was the removable armor?  And Stinkor?  A toy that smelled bad on PURPOSE?   It even had a creepy S&M style slime pit to tie up your figures and ‘slime’ all over them.



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Hello world!

My name is Tim Doyle.  This is going to be my new website, as soon as we get everything squared away.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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