Articles/ Interviews

Cribeo- “Ilustra los lugares más emblemáticos de Springfield…” by Anna Tormo 10/17/14

The Independent- “These Haunting Images…” by Nina Rickman 10/15/14

Gizmodo- “The Dark, Creepy Side of The Simpsons” by Omar Kardoudi 10/13/14

iLPost-Luoghi famosi delle serie tv, disegnati- 10/4/14

Onion/ A.V. Club- Check out These Illustrations of Simpsons… by Dan Selcke 9/26/2014

Geek-art Tim Doyle interview- by Thomas Olivri 8/28/2014

Austin Sessions- AUDIO- by JG 5/21/2014

Local Artist Tim Doyle creates art inspired by comic books- The Daily Texan by Hillary Hurst 10/30/2013

The Art of Tim Doyle- VIDEO- by The Daily Texan 10/29/2013

Tim Talks- PRINT ONLY- by Weng’s Chop 10/2013

My Talking Head- by Jeremy The Artist- 7/8/2013

Kung Fu Jack Knife- VIDEO  KFJK Interviews Tim Doyle-3/3/2013

Geek Bombast!- AUDIO- An Interview with Tim Doyle- by John Sitton 2/27/2013

STAPLE! Community Blog- An Interview With Tim Doyle- by Matt Hirst 2/18/13

s!- Clarin- Geografias Animadas- by Guadalupe Treibel 2/15/13

i09- Quiet Illustrations… – by Lauren Davis 2/9/2013

The Austin Chronicle- Unreal Estate II debuts- by Wayne Alan Brenner 2/8/2013

Weird Girls- VIDEO Interview- by Danni Danger 11/29/2012

GSDM Promo Video- VIDEO Interview- by GSDM design 11/12/2012

Austin Chronicle- Best Visual Artist Winner- by Chronicle Staff 11/8/2012

The Diego Files- Original art on Silk Screen by Tim Doyle 8/2/2012

Notebook Paper- VIDEO Interview- by Grime Knocks 6/25/2012

Lights, Camera, Lists- Interview: Tim Doyle- by Spencer Howard 4/14/2012

Apartment Therapy- The Craft of Print- by Chris Perez 4/9/2012

Minerva’s Wreck- The Amazing Adventures of Tim Doyle- by Wayne Alan Brenner 4/5/2012

The Austin Post- Art Patrol- by Mark Pedini 3/7/2012

Crewkoos- Tim Doyle Interview- by Benoit de Rocquigny 2/29/2012

Warholian- Tim Doyle’s Unreal Estate Interview and Studio Visit- by Megan Wolfe 2/1/2012

Arrested Motion- Unreal Estate @ Spoke Art- by Sleepboy 2/1/2012

Chic Geek Daily- The Void in Your Soul is Your Lack of Nakatomi- by Kate Couch

Slashfilm- Tim Doyle’s Unreal Estate Art Show- by Germain Lussier 1/31/2012

Monster Fresh- PREVIEW- Tim Doyle’s Unreal Estate-by DeadC  1/30/2012

Poster Shizzle- The Interviews- Tim Doyle by Paul Bulla 7/28/2011

Austin Chronicle- The Pop Palette- A run-down on Austin’s Pop Artists- by Wayne Alan Brenner 7/1/2011 Tarantino diventa arte by Eva Perasso 4/10/2011

Slashfilm-Exclusive: The Films of Quentin Tarantino Art Series by Tim Doyle Part 1 and Part 2 by Germain Lussier 3/30/2011

Clutter Magazine- SXSW: Flatstock Interview with Tim Doyle by Devin 3/22/11

Noob News (VIDEO) interviews Tim Doyle @ Staple- 3/8/2011

Poster Shizzle- 2010 Print of the Year Winner, Tim Doyle 1/11/11

ThrilList: Austin- Tim Doyle- Making Art Prints For the People by Dan Gentile 8/19/2010

TommyGood- Tim Doyle Wears Many Hats: Interview by David Keane 8/16/2010

Drymounted- Interview With Tim Doyle : Part 1 and Part 2 by Derek Drymounted 3/20/2010

LostArgs- Tim Doyle Talks Art by Zeke Perez 1/6/2010

Austin Chronicle- The Art is Formally Known as Prints by Wayne Alan Brenner  11/6/2009

Giant Killer Squid- Wares, Wears, & Werewolves: The Brilliant ‘Nakatomi Inc’ by Ryan Ferrier 11/3/09

Washington Post- Nerd Art: Affordable prices lure incorrigible dorks by Sonny Bunch 10/9/09

Optimum Wound- Masters of Ink with Artist Tim Doyle on Quitting Your Dayjob by Justin Therox  8/6/09

Austin Chronicle- The Comics (Artist) Panel by Joey Seiler 12/22/2006

Sequential Tart- Declaration of Independents by Barb Lien-Cooper 10/2003

Twenty Four Hours- Tim Doyle’s Amazing Adult Fantasy- Interview by Josh Medsker 2003

Austin Chronicle- Live On Paper- The Amazing Adult Fantasy of Painter Tim Doyle by Wayne Alan Brenner 1/17/2003

Blurbs/ Product releases

Slashfilm- several small articles, by Peter Sciretta.

OMGposters- again, several small ‘release’ type articles- check the comments for some crazy debates! By Mitch Putnam